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MÏRAGE aims to bring people who share a passion for fashion together through a unique experience.

Each visit becomes a special time when members can take advantage of advice and personalised support in a world of luxury, relaxation and entertainment.

To access the world of MÏRAGE, you will need to complete an application form.

  • Each application is subject to MÏRAGE's approval.
  • Membership Fee: €800 per year (including taxes)
  • 1 year minimum commitment
  • Membership is on an annual basis and strictly individual only.

The membership card gives access to a range of benefits and exclusive services: access to MÏRAGE pop-up shops and the e-shop, the chance to reserve and enjoy private "MÏRAGE time" at each pop-up shop, a private concierge service, the chance to have a personal shopper alongside while you shop, close links to designers, exclusive access to certain events (e.g. cocktail parties, fashion shows, private sales etc.)


Candidates recommended by a member or partners are given priority and the proposer will be offered an exclusive benefit when a candidate they recommend is accepted

To get more informations about subscription contact-us.