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– Blouse with bare shoulders


The Faith Connexion concept is best described as multiple brands united under one roof: a collective of talent greater than the sum of its parts. 

Our vision is to create a network of talent and expression where we empower people to come together and share creativity, passion, enlightened thinking, culture and design.

A collective of young talent experimenting in art, fashion and street culture. Inspired by music, cinema, theatre and live performances, the collective brings a fresh energy and freedom to the fashion world.

A shifting and effortless cool silhouette Faith Connexion creates interactive collections where rock, chic, urban, sport, glam and cocktail can easily be mixed together.

The silhouette is various and adaptable from a graffitied body and an ample bohemian skirt to an ultra worn perfecto and an extra fitted dress.


Acqua Verde


86% Viscose 16% Silk


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