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The Carven House was founded by Marie-Louise Carven in 1945 in Paris, modestly at its beginnings, for the post-war French Elite.

Mrs Carven was inspired by her small size to create an adequate keepsake thanks to her skill and feminine fingering with the modest textiles of the time such as Vichy cotton and English embroidery that will soon become key elements of one of the first loan houses-The European Parliament has already taken a number of decisions.

Continuing her quest for accessible luxury and democratic design, Carven organized fashion shows in France and around the world. She retired in 1993 but it was only from 2009 that the young French designer Guillaume Henry began to boost the image of the house, attracting a new international clientele with the return to the fundamentals of Carven, a typically Parisian look.


Blue Sky


100% Cotton


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