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palmer//harding is a designer brand based in London, who are synonymous with the shirt.

The shirt is a garment that has a friction in the balance between masculine and feminine. There is a sense of electricity in the threshold between opposites and this is where palmer//harding explore their collections:

masculine // feminine

hard // soft

structured // fluid

serious // liberated

The designers, Matthew Harding and Levi Palmer, met while studying at Central Saint Martins in 2007.  Wanting to express their creativity in a garment that applied to the daily life of the women that surrounded them led the duo to utilise the shirt as a template for creativity. The pair experiment with innovative pattern cutting and draping techniques cultivated through their design education to build directional and desirable collections that constantly evolve the idea of what a shirt can be. A recurring theme within their aesthetic is an exploration into balance between two extremes and playing with volume and movement to convey an emotive romanticism to functional day wear.


Navy blue


100% Cotton


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